Pair 6inch Osram LED Work Lights 1Lux @ 300m 10,098 Lumens Side Shooter

Our Lightfox 4x4 LED light bars are designed to deliver exceptional forward illumination, and with the brilliant light extending across 180° angle, you'll have unmatched clarity to effortlessly spot obstacles at the sides of the path, ensuring a safe and confident journey during nighttime driving. Featuring Vision Drive Tech, our 6’’ light bars boast forward-facing LEDs that integrate 15° spot beam and 105° flood beam, complemented by side shooters for expansive 180° horizontal lighting coverage. With OSRAM OSCONIQ® P 3030 LEDs, our LED work lights deliver impressive 10,098lm and 1Lux@300m (pair) for unparalleled visibility on the road. Constructed with Polyphenylene Sulfide resin, our LED light bars offer superior heat transfer efficiency and lightweight design. And our LED light bars showcase full frontal screens with extreme temperature and water resistant UV resin, providing IP68 waterproof rating for reliable performance in harsh weather.
  • OSCONIQ® P Powered: Our light bars feature OSRAM OSCONIQ® P 3030 LEDs, producing 10,098lm & 1Lux@300m (pair), helping you spot potential hazards with ease.
  • Ultra Vision: Lightfox combines focused 15° spot beam and broad 105° flood beam to provide maximum visibility in all conditions.
  • Dual Side Shooters: Our dual side shooters provide remarkable 180 degrees of horizontal lighting coverage alongside the main forward-facing beams.
  • Vision Drive Tech: Our innovative technology utilizes advanced curved reflectors to capture more light, delivering well distributed spot beam and flood beam.
  • Versatile Brilliance: Designed for any application requiring wide spread beam, our 6’’ LED work lights can be installed on the bumper, rack, or serve as fog or reverse lights.
  • Full Frontal Screen: It not only elevates the visual appeal of your vehicle but also provides impressive IP68 rating with extreme temperature and water resistant UV resin.
  • Tough Construction: Crafted with Polyphenylene Sulfide resin, a super engineering plastic, our light bars excel in heat transfer efficiency and lightweight construction.
  • Flicker-Free Illumination: Lightfox 4x4 LED light bars come equipped with built-in anti-flicker technology, providing a stable and consistent lighting experience.
Bulb Type:LED
Chip:Osram Osconiq P 3030
Housing:PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) Resin
Lens Cover:Strengthened PC
Sealing Material:UV Resin
Bracket:Forged Iron
Lumen:10,098 (Pair)
Lux Rating:1Lux@300m(Pair)
Spot Beam:15°
Flood Beam:105°
Color Temperature:6000K
Horizontal Lighting Coverage:180°
Expected Lifespan:50,000 Hours
Relative Light Intensity:78% (150°C)
Operating Temperature Range:-40°C (-40°F) ~ 150°C (302°F)
Package Dimension:16.5cm x 10cm x 6cm
Gross Weight:0.88 pounds (0.4kg)
  • 2 x Lightfox 6" Side Shooter Lights
  • Set of Mounting Brackets
2 Years Warranty