Pair 6inch Osram LED Work Lights 1Lux @ 300m 10,098 Lumens Side Shooter



Traditional LED light bars are great at providing forward light only. Even if

LED Light Bar
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Traditional LED light bars are great at providing forward light only. Even if you get a flood beam or combo beams, it is still limited on how far to the side it will light. And this is where Lightfox side shooter lights come into play. The main forward-facing LEDs of this 6" automotive light bar are available with Lightfox’ Vision Drive Tech that integrates 15° spot beam and 105° flood beam, and the dual side shooters enable this light bar to boast up to180 degrees of horizontal lighting coverage. Supported by Osram Osconiq P 3030 LEDs, this LED side shooter lights will throw light at 1Lux@300m(pair) and secure a combined 10,098lm (pair)for complete visibility! Constructed with PPS resin, this LED bar light is equipped with superior heat transfer efficiency. Sealed by extreme temperature and water resistant UV resin, this LED light bar, which features full frontal screen design, has an IP68 waterproof rating that can be completely waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 3 feet of water.

Vision Drive Tech: This technology integrates curved reflectors to maximize light harvesting, delivering well distributed spot beam and flood beam.
Ultra Vision: Lightfox offers a combination of 15° spot beam and 105° flood beam to give you perfect visibility in any conditions to secure safe driving.
Super Luminosity: Osram Osconiq P 3030 LEDs deliver stunning 10,098lm (pair) and 1Lux@300m(pair) to help you spot potential hazards.
Dual Side Shooters: Combined with the main forward-facing beams, 2 side shooters are integrated to offer 180 degrees of horizontal lighting coverage.
Full Frontal Screen: This design, enhanced by extreme temperature and water resistant UV resin, offers IP68 rating and an unique identity on the road.
Universal Fitment: Perfect for any application that requires a wide spread beam, it can be installed on vehicle’s bumper, rack, or used as fog or reverse light.
Rapid Heat Conduction: Constructed with PPS resin, known as a super engineering plastic, this LED light bar therefore has superior heat transfer efficiency.
Optimally Engineered: Built-in anti flicker protects the Lightfox 6" LED light bars for ATV from flashing.


Brand: Lightfox

Dimension: 6"

Bulb Type: LED

Chip: Osram Osconiq P 3030

Housing: PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) Resin

Lens Cover: Strengthened PC

Sealing Material: UV Resin

Bracket: Forged Iron

Lumen: 10,098 (Pair)

Lux Rating: 1Lux@300m(Pair)

Spot Beam: 15°

Flood Beam: 105°

Color Temperature: 5500K

Horizontal Lighting Coverage: 180°

Expected Lifespan: 50,000 Hours

Relative Light Intensity: 78% (150°C)

Operating Temperature Range: -40°C (-40°F) ~ 150°C (302°F)

Package Dimension: 49.5cm x 35cm x 31cm

Gross Weight: 0.88 pounds (0.4kg)

2 x Lightfox 6" Side Shooter Lights

Set of Mounting Brackets


2 Years Warranty