Vega Series 28inch Osram LED Light Bar 1Lux @ 494m 17,612 Lumens

If you’ve been searching for a light bar to cut through the dark, then the following arsenal by Lightfox must be the one you are looking for. This 28" LED light bar has been optically upgraded with Lightfox’s Vision Drive Tech that integrates 13° spot beam and 60° flood beam to provide smooth and clean beams, and visually enhanced by OSRAM’s® finest OSLON® LEDs, which deliver focused beam-shaping and light guides, to throw light at 1Lux@494m and secure 17,612LM for complete off-road visibility. Engineered with 5,500K CCT, this 28 inch LED light bar features still crisp white light but a little bit warmer & easier on your eyes. The strengthened PC lens is virtually indestructible and won’t turn yellow, AkzoNobel powder defies extreme UV exposure and corrosion, and screwless front frame with UV resin construction delivers IP-68 protection. Ideal for a variety of off-road vehicles, particularly for installation in tight places, this 28 in LED bar light must be something you won’t regret.
  • Vision Drive Tech: This technology integrates curved and metalized reflectors to maximize light harvesting and provide smooth and clean beams.
  • Ultra Vision: Lightfox offers a combination of 13° spot beam and 60° flood beam with single row configuration to give you perfect visibility in any conditions.
  • Super Luminosity: Powered by OSRAM’s® finest OSLON® LEDs, this 28 inch LED light bar delivers 1Lux@494m and 17,612LM with focused beams.
  • Warmer Color Temp: This 28 inch light bar features 5,500K CCT, which means it is still crisp white light but a little bit warmer & easier on your eyes.
  • Optimally Engineered: Built-in circuit board protects the 28 inch LED light bar from flashing and reverse polarity, and breather eliminates condensation.
  • IP-68 Protection: This 28 inch LED bar light adopts screwless design on the front with UV resin to deliver complete protection against dust and heavy washdown.
  • Tough Construction: AkzoNobel powder protects aluminum housing from UV exposure & corrosion, anti-scratch PC lens and forged iron brackets are built to last.
  • Super Versatility: This 28’’ light bar can be mounted in tight spaces, thus suiting a wide range of vehicles while maintaining factory look of the vehicles.
  • Dual Mounting Options: Side and bottom mounts allow it to be mounted on a variety of positions, particularly for installation in tight places or roof racks.
  • Personalized Customization: Available in Yellow, Orange, Grey, Black and Red, the colour caps add the visual appeal that makes you the spotlight on the road.
Bulb Type:LED
Theoretical Output:140W
Housing & Heat Sinks:Aluminum
Lens:Strengthened PC
Coating:AkzoNobel Powder
Sealing Material:UV Resin
Side Bracket:Forged Iron
Theoretical Output:140W
Bottom Bracket:Aluminum
Bracket:Forged Iron
Raw Lumens:17,612LM
Lux Rating:1Lux@494m
Color Temperature:5,500K
Reflector Distribution:8 Flood + 12 Spot + 8 Flood
Spot Beam:13°
Flood Beam:60°
Amp Draw:8.6A@12V
Expected Lifespan:50,000 Hours
Relative Light Intensity:78% (150°C)
Operating Temperature Range:-40°C (-40°F) ~ 150°C (302°F)
Waterproof:IP-68 Rating
Product Dimension (With Bracket):L78 x W4.5 x H6 cm
Package Size:77 x 7.5 x 7.5cm
Gross Weight:1.7kg
  • 1 x Lightfox 28” LED Single Row Light Bar
  • 2 x Side Mountes
  • 2 x Bottom Mounts
  • 1 Set of Mounting Hardware
  • 4 Pairs Colour Caps
  • 1 x User Manual
5 Years Warranty