LIGHTFOX Osram 9" LED Driving Lights + 40" Dual Row LED Light Bar w/ Wiring Kit

Part of the fun of off-roading is facing the unpredictable, and preparedness is a key for survival. Having a solid set of LED offroad lights/4x4 LED driving lights mounted to your rig is a great way to prevent trouble when the sun falls down. The Lightfox 9" LED driving lights can make a world of difference to that. Each of the two LED driving lights contains 31 OSRAM OSLON® Black Flat, LUW HWQP LEDs, producing unrelenting 16,342 lumens(pair) and 1Lux@ 2.1km(pair). Incorporating the latest optic simulation modeling, the Focal Drive Tech reduces light waste and reaches amazing distances down the road to improve your safety, which is great for straight, high-speed situations. AkzoNobel powder coating, IP-68 protection and 4mm thick 304 stainless steel bracket together make this 4x4 LED driving lights defy harsh conditions. Interspersed DRL helps you to be safe and be seen, and color changing rings allow you to change the colour that suits your rig.
  • Focal Drive Tech: Incorporating the latest optic simulation modeling to provide superior distance and overpower any other light in spread and coverage.
  • INSANELY Bright: OSRAM OSLON® Black Flat, LUW HWQP LEDs deliver unrelenting 16,342lm(pair) and 1Lux@2.1km(pair).
  • Built TOUGH: AkzoNobel powder protects the aluminum housing from extreme UV, and 4mm thick 304 stainless steel bracket defies prolonged corrugations.
  • IP-68 Protection: The LED offroad lights are dustproof and can be submerged in water for an extended period, virtually impervious to all harsh conditions.
  • Interspersed DRL: DRL is evenly distributed across the LED driving light that makes your 4x4 more visible to other drivers, helping you to be safe and be seen!
  • Complete Clarity: 5,700 Kelvin offers stunning clarity even in poor conditions, allowing you to see obstacles and hazards with less eye fatigue.
  • Personalized Customization: Aside from a pair of 9 inch LED driving lights and protective covers – a set of grey, yellow and orange rings for customization.
  • Greater Versatility: Able to be mounted on a bull bar or roof racks, the versatility means these 4x4 LED driving lights can easily be fitted on most 4x4s.
  • Optimally Engineered: Built-in protection protects the LED driving lights from flickering and reverse polarity, and smooth out electromagnetic interference.
  • Upgraded Harness: This 9" LED driving lights are supplied with waterproof DT plugs, and a wiring harness with switch is attached for convenient installation.
9inch LED Driving Lights
Chip:31x OSRAM OSLON® Black Flat, LUW HWQP LEDs
Theoretical Output:264W
Heat Sink:Aluminum
Lens Cover:Strengthened PC
Sealing Material:Silicone
Bracket:304 Stainless Steel
Raw Lumens:16,342 (pair)
Lux Rating:1Lux@2.1km (pair)
Color Temperature:5,700K
Amp Draw:22A@12V
Voltage Range:12~30V
Expected Lifespan:50,000 Hours
Relative Light Intensity:78% (150°C)
Operating Temperature Range:-20°C ~ 60°C
Waterproof:IP68 Rating
Package Size:52 x 34 x 21cm
Gross Weight:8.24kg
40inch Dual Row Light Pods
Bulb Type:LED
Theoretical Output:240W
Housing & Heat Sinks:Aluminum
Lens:Strengthened PC
Coating:AkzoNobel Powder
Sealing Material:UV Resin
Side Bracket:Forged Iron
Bottom Bracket:Aluminum
Raw Lumens:30,192LM
Lux Rating:1Lux@694m
Color Temperature:5,500K
Reflector Distribution:16 Flood + 48 Spot + 16 Flood
Spot Beam:13°
Flood Beam:90°
Amp Draw:13A@12V
Expected Lifespan:50,000 Hours
Relative Light Intensity:78% (150°C)
Operating Temperature Range:-40°C (-40°F) ~ 150°C (302°F)
Waterproof:IP-68 Rating
Package Size:113.5 x 9.3 x 9.5cm
Gross Weight:4.1kg
  • 1 Pair Lightfox 9" LED Driving Lights
  • 2 x Mounting Brackets,2 x Rubber Pads For Driving Lights
  • 2 x Clear Protective Covers,2 x Blackout Protective Covers For Driving Lights
  • 6 PCS Colour Changing Rings (2xGrey; 2xYellow; 2xBlack) For Driving Lights
  • 1x Lightfox 40" LED Light Bar
  • 2 x Side Mounts & 3x Bottom Mounts For Light Bars
  • 4 Pairs Colour Caps For Light Bars
  • 3 x Wiring Harness
  • 2 x User Manual
  • 2 Sets Of Mounting Hardware
5 Year Warranty